Saturday, July 24, 2004

This just came in the mail:

In a demonstration of strength in the belief that “there is someone on the other side to talk to” more than 220 teachers and educators from Israel and from Palestine met this past week for an encounter and teacher training seminar. These teachers are taking part in the Peace Education Program of IPCRI – the Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information ( which is being run in more than 50 high schools in Israel and more than 30 in the West Bank.

The higher you build your barriers
The taller I become
The further you take my rights away
The faster I will run
You can deny me
You can decide to turn your face away
No matter 'cause there's

Something inside so strong
Labi Siffre,
Something Inside So Strong

I.'s class sang this song at their leavers assembly. I was moved to tears. I wish I'll see the day its translated to Hebrew & Arabic and sung back home.

Labi Siffre says a lot of other stuff on his site which I wish he didn't, but that doesn't make this song lessworthy.