Thursday, September 15, 2005

Why I love Google

First, it was just Google. Just what you wanted, no more. Then gmail, with its 2G promise and AJAX interface. Ok, there are lots of mail services out there, but I liked their style. But with ig, things started getting personal. And now they've given us the blog search. Why am I so excited? Because I can run a search on me, pick up the RSS feed, and add it to my personal portal. There. Now if you say anything about me, I know.

Any one said narcissist? Megalomenaic? Well, you know, I keep a blog, right?

Wednesday, September 14, 2005


I wonder if I can get a UK gov sustainability grant to buy one of these. Unfortunately, on an unemployed student budget, its the only chance of owning one.

eeeuuwww foto

Yeah, that much Dutch I can figure out. The rest... damn! but the image is great.

(this just came in from Marbel:

A picture of elijah wood and his girlfriend on an art show. I found it on
another dutch blog, without credits, so I can't direct you there ;)

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Central Park Zoo's gay penguins ignite debate

Sometimes you find the best stories in the talkbacks. This one comes from a comment Will made on collision detection

Central Park Zoo's gay penguins ignite debate: Roy and Silo, two chinstrap penguins at the Central Park Zoo in Manhattan, are completely devoted to each other. For nearly six years now, they have been inseparable. They exhibit what in penguin parlance is called 'ecstatic behavior': That is, they entwine their necks, they vocalize to each other, they have sex. Silo and Roy are, to anthropomorphize a bit, gay penguins.

Sunset in Coverack

testing our new tent in Cornwall last month

Getting closer to your game console: er, Too close for comfort?

"Let’s face it: being a dedicated gamer can be lonely. Sure, you have
your Everquest clan or your Quake buddies, but communing with fellow
gaming geeks doesn’t fulfill certain…needs. At the same time, it’s hard
to tear yourself away from the computer long enough to chase tail and
engage in archaic but obligatory mating rituals. Now you don’t have to
leave your true love behind. In fact, you and your PC are about to get
closer…much, much closer."

the old photoalbum of AI

DSpace at MIT: AI Memos (1959 - 2004)


Linearly Unrecognizable Patterns / Minsky, Marvin and Papert, Seymour / 1-Jan-1967


Achieving Artificial Intelligence through Building Robots / Brooks, Rodney A. / 1-May-1986

Or the charming

Twenty Things To Do With A Computer / Papert, Seymour and Solomon, Cynthia / 1-Jun-1971

or maybe its just me?

Monday, September 12, 2005

Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness/Audible Penis

Looks like ATT need to send their tech illustrators on a long holiday to somewhere warm.

Hall of Technical Documentation Weirdness/Audible Penis

Sunday, September 11, 2005

The Observer | Food monthly | Eat my blog

Jay Rayner did a piece/a> for the Observer food monthly on my darling Pim. A nice read (though I personally think her blog is more entertaining), and there's some tips at the bottom.

Nearly there

Great. Now all I need is a USB catheter, and I can finaly get some work done.

95% of everything is crap? Well, 50% at least.

Next time your doctor quotes medical research, you should quote Ioannidis:

THEODORE STURGEON, an American science-fiction writer, once observed that “95% of everything is crap”. John Ioannidis, a Greek epidemiologist, would not go that far. His benchmark is 50%. But that figure, he thinks, is a fair estimate of the proportion of scientific papers that eventually turn out to be wrong.

LIes, Damn lies, and ...

Fafblog! the whole worlds only source for Fafblog.

If you're gettin worried that the government won't be there to help you out durin the next hurricane or earthquake or terrorist attack, don't panic! Fafblog is here with our Do-It-Yourself Emergency Management Guide! Today we're gonna show you how to get through a major disaster just usin stuff you've got lyin around the home.

You will need:

# construction paper
# glue or glue sticks
# a can of baking soda
# some play-doh (optional)
# 200 gallons of distilled water and 100 pounds of canned food"

(thanks dutchmarbel!)