Thursday, September 15, 2005

Why I love Google

First, it was just Google. Just what you wanted, no more. Then gmail, with its 2G promise and AJAX interface. Ok, there are lots of mail services out there, but I liked their style. But with ig, things started getting personal. And now they've given us the blog search. Why am I so excited? Because I can run a search on me, pick up the RSS feed, and add it to my personal portal. There. Now if you say anything about me, I know.

Any one said narcissist? Megalomenaic? Well, you know, I keep a blog, right?


Ran F said...

These few lines are realy helpful... the features you describe looks promising to me, and I go and try to use them. Thanks.
by the way, I saw a commet of yours at, related to dex (this was how I was brought here). Do you recommand of a good Social/Blogger site, both international and israeli?

for me a good platform is a one that gives me *a lot* of freedom in styling my homepage. Thanks, I'll keep vising your blog here, I hope to learn so more tips as this one.

Yishay said...

Really depends on your requierments and resources. If you own some server space, then you can download and run WordPress or MetaType. Blogger gives you a free hand at styling, but doesn't support catgories. supports categories but plugs ads on your page. and has very limited styling, but integrate with the social networking stuff, etc. etc. (the list is quite random)

As for Hebrew support, you better ask Shoshana.