Thursday, May 26, 2005

AUT - Israeli boycotts revoked - AUT statement

Israeli boycotts revoked - AUT statement

After a lengthy debate involving deeply held views on both sides of the
argument, AUT’s special council has today voted to revoke all existing
boycotts of Israeli institutions.
AUT council has decided to base its policy on providing practical
solidarity to Palestinian and Israeli trade unionists and academics, by
agreeing a motion committing the union to having a full review of
international policy, working alongside NATFHE and the TUC.
UK higher education has a long and proud tradition of defending academic
freedom. The struggle to maintain academic freedom whenever it is under
threat is one that AUT will always support and this principle will
continue to guide our work.
Sally Hunt, AUT general secretary, said: 'It is now time to build
bridges between those with opposing views here in the UK and to commit
to supporting trade unionists in Israel and Palestine working for peace.'

And I say, good for them. This farce has harmed the AUT more than anything else. Being a socialist, I hate to see a trade union loose power. Now, I wouldn't mind seeing some real action behind this 'solidarity with unionists in Israel and Palestine', say - some support for the Bil'in struggle, but that's a different story.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

yet another CMS 4 Schools

I don't know why, something about this CMS 4 schools seams nice. Haven't
realy smoke tested it yet, hell I don't even know what language its in. - Geek History through T-Shirts

Geek history by the T.

Global Voices Online

Global Voices is an international effort to diversify the conversation
taking place online by involving speakers from around the world, and
developing tools, institutions and relationships to help make these
voices heard.


Tuesday, May 24, 2005

The Rape of the Rainforest... and the Man Behind it

I thought that it was the American Burger eaters that were responsible
for the deforestation of Brazil. Apparently, its European soy munchers.