Thursday, September 08, 2005

So the Guardian said it before me

Mark Tran ran a piece on Katrina, Bush and global warming on Sept. 1st, saying pretty much what I said yesterday, only much better.

Well, I was on holiday, I know, I should have googled before I blogged, but, you know..

If you're American, you can even vote on "is Bush responsible for Katrina".

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Point that finger

We came back from a wonderful family camping holiday in Cornwall, plunk into the media coverage of Katrina. The horror. The bloody horror.

But what puzzles me is that no one talks about responsibility. I mean, this is no wrath of god. Its human negligence. And I'm not talking about the levee breaking or the slow response. I'm talking about heavy weather.

At some point I heard G.W. said this is worse than 9/11. Damn right. About 10 times worse. So where's the declaration of war on climate change? Where's the brave words on defending the world and cutting down carbon emissions? Did I miss something?

Its simple, you know. Extreme phenomena are a consequence of climate change. You don't stop climate change, you get more extreme phenomena. So maybe before you make a big hoo-ha about sending a man to the next planet, you want to do something about making this one livable?

At least the storm shut down some oil rigs, and pushed the prices up a bit.

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