Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Point that finger

We came back from a wonderful family camping holiday in Cornwall, plunk into the media coverage of Katrina. The horror. The bloody horror.

But what puzzles me is that no one talks about responsibility. I mean, this is no wrath of god. Its human negligence. And I'm not talking about the levee breaking or the slow response. I'm talking about heavy weather.

At some point I heard G.W. said this is worse than 9/11. Damn right. About 10 times worse. So where's the declaration of war on climate change? Where's the brave words on defending the world and cutting down carbon emissions? Did I miss something?

Its simple, you know. Extreme phenomena are a consequence of climate change. You don't stop climate change, you get more extreme phenomena. So maybe before you make a big hoo-ha about sending a man to the next planet, you want to do something about making this one livable?

At least the storm shut down some oil rigs, and pushed the prices up a bit.

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MBs said...

According to the 'betterfly effect' it might be, that a peaceful innocent family camping vacation in, lets say, Cornwall England, caused Katrina's wrath and deadly path.

dutchmarbel said...

Fablog on monday 5th:

"This is a Global War on Weather and like any successful war it can't be won on the defensive. If we spend all our time reacting to hurricanes instead of attacking them where they live, we will only embolden further hurricanes! The only language hurricanes understand is force - and possibly hurricanese, which is difficult to learn and involves the use of many glottal stops. We must fight nature where it lives so it can't fight us at home!"