Friday, October 08, 2004

I'm not dead II, or the double edge of spam filters

Its really impossible to use email these days without a spam filter. The problem is, the mail I send to my friends is sometimes filtered out. No, I'm not trying to sell \/1agra. Just that when I'm not in the office, I have to use an alternative mail server, and so my address is unknown to the filter.

The catch is, if I can't get through, I can't tell my friends to change their filter settings to let me in. I mean, and subject line I can think of to try and fool the filters, the damn spammers have already thought of before me. duh!

So, in case you're expecting an email and wondering why you haven't heard form me, please scan your spam folder for ymor at or yishay dot mor at virgin dot net or yishaym at yahoo dot com.

And if you're a spammer, don't bother to harvest these - I have a filter configured to reject any mail from an unknown address.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

A must have for fans of Anthony Giddens.

Fans of Foucault, Butler and McRobbie are also welcome.

Monday, October 04, 2004

The inhabitants of the village of Budrus have been struggling consistently against the Separation Fence since December 2003. Theirs is a popular struggle, encompassing all the villagers, men and women, young and old, of all political affiliations. they have chosen the path of non-violent resistance, with remarkable persistence and resolution, despite the violent reactions of the army. As a result, they acquired significant achievements, and the course of the Fence was almost completely moved to the 1948 border line. The present discord is about 2 fields which the state of Israel wants to confiscate for the construction of the Fence. Our partnership with the people of Budrus started with a joint demonstration last March. Since then our ties have grown tighter.
Its just a Tomer thing, no real need for alarm

I know this doesn't mean anything for most of humanity, but I still think this phrase should be immortalized.