Wednesday, September 14, 2005

eeeuuwww foto

Yeah, that much Dutch I can figure out. The rest... damn! but the image is great.

(this just came in from Marbel:

A picture of elijah wood and his girlfriend on an art show. I found it on
another dutch blog, without credits, so I can't direct you there ;)


Schattig Duiveltje said...

Dutch isn't so hard to figure out ;)

Yishay said...

yeah, especialy if its your language ;)

But you're right, maybe i should have tried harder. I was in the middle of a 5 different things (as usual), so I didn't devote my full attention to it. The picture's great, though, isn't it?

Schattig Duiveltje said...

The picture is super!!!!!!! I am Dutch (if you haven't noticed :P), can you figure out my name