Tuesday, April 22, 2003

Yesterday we took the train to Cambridge. Had a great time.
We walked through St. John's, which is beutifull (by the way - you can get in for free from the back, which we didn't). Then we met some friends, and went to Easter service at King's collage chapel. Hadas & Itamar had already been to Xmas service, so they knew what to expect, but I was bewildered by the sight of grown men walking around in funny robes, holding funny thingies in their hands and looking absoloutly serious about it. I mean, sunday afternoon - don't you rather have a pint on the river bank?
For a finale, we did some Punting. Too bad we didn't read the instructions first. I nearly ran over an inoccent goose, and Noam actualy managed to fall off the boat. Apparently, after you do that, you have to tackle the tricky job of getting back into the punt, and then figure out a way to re-unite with your pole. Must have been a great treat for whoever was looking out of the pub window, too bad we were too far down the river to see it.
Nevertheless, it was great fun, and by the end of the hour I was good enough to hassle tourists on the bridge.

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