Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Shaken, not stirred

I fell off my bike today. Well, more like flew off. And to be honest, I had it coming.

You know those speed bumps? The huge ones that scrape the bottom of fancy sports cars (ha ha)? Well, some time ago I discovered this biking technique, where instead of slowing down you speed up when you approach one, and then just when the front wheel goes over it - you give the handlebar a good jerk. The results are amazing but - kids - don't try this at home.

Over the last couple of months I've been perfecting my speed-bump-flying art. Today I was cycling with Seb, on our way to work, when along comes a speed bump. Seb, being sane, slows down. At which point I bypassed him, pedaling as hard as my feet would go, and muttered: "Hey, here's something you can do with these bumps", jerk on the handlebar and fly like a bird.

It was a perfect takeoff. I think its time to start working on my landing technique.

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