Monday, July 12, 2004

I bought a T-shirt at the Marxism2004 conference. Well, not really. They've put up a booth with promotional material outside the IOE. I passed it on my way from the nursery to the office, and decided to stop for some entertainment.

The outfit looks like a goods stand at a rock gig. Complete with socialist worker party mugs, lighters and pens. CDs labeled stop the war fundraiser ft. Ms Dynamite, Billy Bragg and Asian Dub (I bought one, a real bargain for a fiver). And of course, loads of T-s. Most of them where so in your face, I couldn't ware them even as a joke. Finally I found one - its got a rough photo of Malcolm X, holding a rifle. The inscription reads By any means necessary.

The guy at the counter said, in heavy Glasgonian, Wer reealy pushin the sob scib sauns this weeek. You gait yr free copy an also a compeemantry socialist party girl magazeene. I said his methods don't seam very marxist to me, to which he answared by quoting my new T.

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