Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Yesh Gvul Needs You!

This came in yesterday:

Dear friend,
Well-known left-wing columnist Haim Baram recently published the following comments about Yesh Gvul and our efforts to promote a criminal investigation of IDF deputy commander-in-chief Dan Halutz:
Yesh Gvul is the most important organisation in the Israeli peace camp, the pillar of smoke and the pillar of fire going before all the others. I agree with YG activists that there is no prospect of Halutz being dismissed.... But the purifying sacred labours of Yesh Gvul enable all Israeli humanists - and there are many - to sense that they are living in their own country, and that they have allies. (Kol Ha'Ir, 26/11)
Thanks Haim, it's always a pleasure to read compliments, but fine words don't pay the grocery bill, nor do they cover legal costs !
We are keeping up our legal efforts for a criminal investigation of Dan Halutz, over his approval, as air-force commander, of the dropping of a 1-ton bomb on a residential home in Gaza, causing the deaths of 14 non-combattants (along with the professed target, Hamas militant Saleh Sh'hadeh). Our petition to the Supreme Court to this end is pending. Under consideration is a further petition against the appointment of Halutz to his present post (in effect, demanding his suspension). We insist that Halutz face criminal proceedings, and if the Israeli judicial system is not up to the task, we will seek ways of bringing the case to other courts.
Attorneys Avigdor Feldman and Michael Sfard do their utmost to lighten the burden, these legal actions require considerable financial outlay, and our money is running out !
To make sure our campaign against war crimes does not grind to a halt due to a lack of resources, we are launching an emergency appeal. We call on you, and the friends who have supported us this far - please give to the best of your ability !
Cheques to: Yesh Gvul, PO Box 6953, Jerusalem 91068, Israel
Bank transfers: Yesh Gvul, Acct. no 366614, Bank Hapoalim, King George St. branch (690) Swiftcode: POALILIT
USA: tax-free donations to Refuser Solidarity Network, P.O. Box 53474 Washington DC
20009-9474 (Please write “Yesh Gvul” on the memo line!)Credit card donations-through and the "donate now" section.
Peretz Kidron - Ram Rahat

Yesh Gvul supported me during the months of my diliberation , and of course during my imprisonment. They've been supporting refusniks ever since the Lebanon war.


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Anonymous said...

Where are the war crimes trails for Hamas,Islamic Jihad and other who kill Jews with impunity. Why is homice bus bombing not on your list of Genva connvention violations?Killing Jews is okay, I guess by your standards.

Anonymous said...

How about a war crimes trail for NAsserellha of Hizbullha? How about a war crimes trial for the head of Iran's seceret service who funds Hamas and others who kill innocent Jewish Children and women just becuase they are Jewish.

Shame Shame Shame on you for not directing your efforts equally twoards the enemys of the Jews.

Anonymous said...

Shame on Yesh Gul. the torah is clear"Treat strangers in your mist well, as you were once starngers in the land of Eygpt." It also is clear the Arbraham was forgiven for saying Sarah was his sister in order to save his life.

The IDf is trying to saves Jewish and Arab lives. Hamas et al. hates life as much as Jews love it. Wake up, you are their tool. When Hamas et al. are done with you, they will not hesitate to off you just like babys at a cafe.