Thursday, April 14, 2005

AUT - European & international affairs

In case you're an academic in Birmingham, you may find this interesting:

55 Executive Council welcomes the recent ceasefire between Israel and
Palestine as a valuable respite in the damage caused to higher education
and the working lives of higher education personnel in Palestine.
Council reaffirms its support for colleagues in Palestinian institutions
working in these difficult and sometimes dangerous conditions, and urges
LAs to further develop the twinning programme bringing together their
institution with those in Palestine. Council asks the executive to
continue to develop its links with the Palestinian Federation of Unions
of University Professors and Employees with the view to providing
further support.

Council also recognises that the peaceful resolution of the problems
facing the Middle East will not be brought about by the erection of
barriers, but by open dialogue. Council therefore calls on the executive
to establish contact with the Israeli Higher Education Union

55A.1 Birmingham Delete second paragraph.

Talk? With Israelis? Don't be daft! These apes - there's only one language they understand.


Anonymous said...

You are so solid, so bold, so knowing: if you know the language they understand, then leave your computer and do what you seem to want others to do. Otherwise,close your mouth and find something better to do.

Yishay said...

Kindly look uk sarcasm

And before you preach me, I suggest you a. check my record, and b. identify yourself. As a matter of fact, if you don't - I'm going to delete this comment.