Saturday, April 30, 2005

chat on Hello

michaelbsh: does the last 1 look familiar?
yish: what, the pub? or the beer head?
michaelbsh: the beverage, look again
yish: sorry..
yish: G?
yish: Ana, too light!
michaelbsh: brown sugar over cappuccino foam , close nough though
yish: yeah, I thought that - but the context had me off track.
yish: although that place could be a caf'e now that I look at it again
michaelbsh: your craving lead u astray
michaelbsh: it's le brasserrie
yish: actually, my craving is for the latte(r)
yish: which is just ready. and an almond croissant to accompany it
michaelbsh: can you transfer, odours thru hello, i mean now that the
firewall is OFF?
yish: does your machince support OTP?
michaelbsh: my cophee machince?
yish: anyway, coffee's done. I need to write a paper. can we continue later?
michaelbsh: hopefully
michaelbsh: ciao
yish: ciao

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