Saturday, June 04, 2005

GoogleBomb for Akbar Ganji

From reporters without borders:

Akbar Ganji goes on hunger strike : "No one should be imprisoned - not
even for a second - for expressing an opinion."

Journalist Akbar Ganji announced yesterday in a statement issued through
his lawyer, Youssef Molai, that he has begun "an unlimited hunger
strike" to protest against his imprisonment, the Iranian Students' News
Agency (ISNA) reported.

Reporters Without Borders reacted by warning the Iranian authorities
that they will held responsible for any deterioration in his already
poor state of health.

"It is insane that a hunger strike is the only recourse for imprisoned
journalists who are trying to obtain their rights as detainees,
including the right to make phone calls or to be let out of the prison
for short periods," the press freedom organization said. "Ganji's case
is serious because he has not even been able to have the treatment which
is required by his condition and which has been recommended by his doctors."

Ganji said in his statement : "I protest against my illegal and unjust
imprisonment, all the more so because I cannot even pursue my treatment
outside Evin prison. I am beginning an unlimited hunger strike this
evening. No one should be imprisoned - not even for a second - for
expressing an opinion."

Why is this here?
1. To help - a campaign to raise awareness to the case of Akbar Ganji by pushing Google ranking of the story. Which, apart from being a just cause, puts a positive twist on the concept of mass media.

2. As explained in Iran blocks access to any known dissident site. However, they can't block access to all blogs. So, by replicating news items from blocked sites you can help the democratic voices of Iran.

I mean, did you ever think you could do some real good by Blogging?

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