Monday, December 29, 2003

About that incident in Meskha. Its not that I'm worried that the soldier that shot Gil Ma'smati will walk. I'm sure that he'll do his month. Who knows, maybe even his commander will keep him company. The thing is, he's really not to blame. I mean, he's a trained worrier. A semi-snipper, serving in the west bank. There's a good chance that he's acted simmilarly before, and was told that's the right thing to do. Ok, there's a thin line between A and B. Lines get very thin when you do long periods in the west bank.

We sent the kid there, we gave him a gun, we told him to use it whichever way he thinks would work - we don't want to know - just let us have our esspresso in peace. We should be on trial, not him.

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