Monday, December 29, 2003

Looks like rather than starting a blog-war, Pim has started a dai-blogue between Imshin and myself. I have this itch that we're stretching the boundaries of the genre a bit too far. I would have stopped at saying that I know for a fact how nice Pim is, and that although I know practically nothing about Imshin, she comes through her writing as a good soul. Should really stop there before it gets too sticky.

But then Imshin sounded like she had one of those moments we all have. So I just thought I'd say:

You know, neither wolves nor sheep are free. Wolves must hunt, sheep must be hunted. Humans can be free. We can choose to be a vegetarian wolf or a ferocious lamb. Choosing not to inflict pain does not mean you chose to let others inflict it on you. In the end of the day, all humans want the same things: health, love, sufficient means of survival, a future for our children. I choose to provide these essentials to myself, I choose not to deny them from others.

And about influencing others. You know, that incident in Mescha - I truly believe that such an event could not have happened in my regiment. Not because there aren't any simple-minded, trigger happy young soldiers in my regiment. Because there are enough honest men there. And the presence of an honest person inspires honesty in his / her surroundings. Nothing uber-spiritual here. Its just that you know you go back to the same tent with the same mates, and have you dark coffee with them, and then you have to look them in the eyes.

Besides, you have kids. You can't really believe that your goodness does not transcend.

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