Wednesday, January 07, 2004

A couple of night ago we went to see Cold Mountain at the Screen on the Hill* in Belsize park. Truly moving, extremely well done. Although, when I told Sophie it has beautiful scenes, and beautifully characters, she said there's no way you'll see someone attractive in the Appalachians. I wouldn't know.

Anyway, it really is well done, but I got pretty depressed on the way back. I wonder. This whole war thing is so pointless, useless, wrong. The movie does get this message across. Is it because I come from a place where the issue is not, er, theoretic, that I took it so hard?

We walked back, over the hill (Primrose, that is). I thought how totally shitty it is that in so many places in the world people are still getting killed or maimed for nothing one way or another. Then I thought, hey, one of those places is mine. Looking over the London skyline, I wondered why I can't call this place mine.

I guess because it isn't. Never will be. Don't really want it to be. I guess that means I'm fucked.

*: There web site is so crapy, I refuse to link to it.

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