Monday, January 12, 2004

A new era has dawned.

Yesterday Itamar & I went got a bike for Hadas. There was one I borrowed from Tamar when I was here getting organized, and left it locked in Noam's yard. Its been there ever since (about 1.5 yrs). Lillian told me that occasionally one of the neighbors would wonder about it, and she'd say: "yes. What do we do about that bike there? I wonder who left it..."

So we took Itamar's bike on the 31 bus and went to see what can be done about it. Oh, did I mention the key was lost, about a week after I locked it there? And it had one of those D-locks, which are supposed to be unbreakable.

I won't post the details here (although the baddies probably know them) but it took us exactly 2.5 minutes to break it. I'll never trust a D-lock again.

Then we sprayed some cyclers' snake oil (aka WD40) and puffed the tires up, had some tea, and cycled home together. Now we can start doing family cycle trips. Can't wait (although Hadas is a bit cautious about it, saying she has to see if the bike fits her first).

By the way, I just checked. The distance is roughly 4.something KM. Not bad for a 7 year old!

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