Monday, June 06, 2005

Clay fish and dough bombs

Can't walk away from a challenge, even if I don't really qualify (sorry, all this was so long ago, even if I had any pictures, I wouldn't know where to find them.

Story 1:
Back when H & I were still living in a stuffy little student flat, I wanted to surprise her for her birthday. H loves fish, but not the smell of fish in the bedroom. When that bedroom is about 50cm away from the kitchen, which isn't particularly ventilated - you get the picture.
But she loves fish, and its her birthday, and me? "I solve problems". I also have a tendency for overdoing it. So, I figure, what'll definitely lock out the smell, and is good in the oven? Clay. I buy a 5kg chunk of modeling clay, hide it the attic, and on the day I got a nice big Sea Bass and the market, stuffed it good with thyme and friends, dressed it in a 2cm coat of clay and set it in the oven.
It worked. and it was not at all bad, for the first fish of our common life.

Next Friday I proudly told my mum, the doctor and my cooking guru, about my new culinary innovation. She pointed out the fact that modeling clay is toxic. Lucky that sea bass had a tough skin.

Story 2:
Late last summer I was heavily into sourdough. Had my our jar of started, which I would entertain daily, feed and caress and send postcards to when I was away (n.b., getting a sourdough babysitter is not always easy!)

Then we moved house, and the jar got lost in a crate full of onions.

towards the end of a long day, I finally found it. "Oh you poor thing" I said, and put it on the table. Next thing I know, the ceiling looks like Ripley brought a friend for dinner.

See, the poor thing was really, really excited be the move. When you move your sourdough, do it in an open container.

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