Wednesday, March 26, 2003

Damn office phone decided it doesn't do outside calls again. And I really need to talk to Hadas. Well, lucky Michael's online in Israel:

[6:26 PM]<yishaym> hi

[6:33 PM]<yishaym> hello?

[6:36 PM]<Michael Keren> Hi Hello! Been away in the salon, haveing dinner.

[6:37 PM]<yishaym> can u call Hadas & ask her to call me? my phone doesn't do outside calls all of a sudden

[6:41 PM]<Michael Keren> calling. first fikshush: they are out shopping

[6:42 PM]<Michael Keren> trying the alchu. no response. response: horaot transferred.

[6:43 PM]<yishaym> thanks! she just called me.


[6:47 PM]<Michael Keren>As they say, the shortest way bw two points is the ... line

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