Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Our friends Lilian and Noam got married yesterday. They had the wedding at Frederick's, a Very posh restaurant in posh Islington.
The food was great, the company good, the music was too: all the kids danced strait through the main course. One thing which I'll have to get used to is the speaches. When I told this to Sophie, and Gordon, they asked: "don't you have speaches in Israeli weddings?"
Well, occasionaly the bridesgroom or his dad will get up and say how nice it was of you all to come, but that will never stop people from queing at the cakes table!
Anyway, it was a lovely wedding. Pitty we had to leave before the pudding (aka deserts). Gali was most disappointed to leave: she would have danced the night away if she had her way..

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