Tuesday, March 25, 2003

Poor Hadas had to stay home yesterday morning, planning the nursery playground for Itamar's school. We went BnB hunting: some friends are coming over, and we need a place to put them.

We heard of this place near camden square, but didn't have their phone number. I decided to look for it, based on a general location & general description. and we found it. Beutiful house, english adaptation of Japanese style, with a parot as big as a horse guarding the front door (well, not really guarding - but you can't miss it).
Unfortunatly, they were booked. So, we asked them for the shortest way to the Canal - not too happy to go back down ugly Camden Road.

After streaching our legs in Camden sq.'s charming little park, we followed the BnB owner's advice, which took us down one of the areas hidden gems and into St. Pancras way. Right after the rail bridge, and before the canal we came across Camden Garden Centre which looked like the right place to buy some color for our "garden", had we the time. It's also apparently a charity, helping unemployed, so all the more reason to buy there. The nice (albeit rundown) playground behind it was not, however, something we could ignore.

Although not the best part of the canal, its still better than Camden road, and arriving at the lock from an unusual angle was a treat.

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