Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Democratic Middle Eastern Union Votes To Invade U.S.


MECCA—The 14 democratic member nations of the Middle Eastern Union
unanimously voted to declare war on the U.S. Monday, calling the North
American country a "dangerous rogue state that must be contained."
"The United States of America has repeatedly violated international law
and committed human-rights abuses at home and abroad," MEU President
Mohamed Rajib said at a Monday security-council meeting. "MEU weapons
inspectors have confirmed that the U.S. continues to pursue their
illegal ununhexium-weapons program. Our attempts to bring about change
through diplomatic means have repeatedly failed. Now, we are forced to
take military action."

Calm down, its only the onion. The US isn't really a rouge state defying
democracy and colonializing the world.

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